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Abildgård, Heart of the year 2013

Abildgård, Heart of the year 2013

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Quick Overview

Design: Abildgård
Size: H 10,5 cm
Material: Handmade porcelain

The heart of the year of 2013 is a porcelain heart. This heart is two hearts in one. The hole in the broad porcelain heart has the shape of a smaller heart and carries a small gold drop which can be interpreted as a reference to the expression 'a heart of gold'.

Every year, a new ornament of the year is added to the Christmas collection of Jette Abildgård - This heart is the second of the series.
The Christmas collection by Jette Abildgård - simple beauty!
The porcelain Christmas ornaments by Jette Abildgård are a true joy to use when decorating for Christmas. In her wonderful collection, you will find many of the cheerful symbols of Christmas – e.g. hearts, angels, cones, tealight candlesticks and ornaments. Jette Abildgård has worked with ceramics since the 70's, and she describes her Christmas ornaments as simple, pure of style and down-to-earth. Jette gets her inspiration from the simple lines of the woods and the beaches, and her sweet figurines are created in her home shop. The angels are often used as a gift for people who need a guardian angel. Jette herself truly believes that she has a guardian angel who watches over her and her loved ones.

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